NOFU offers competitive prices due to a unique delivery concept

NOFU is more than just beautiful handmade furniture. NOFU is an entirely new concept of delivery, as the Danish furniture brand has cut down expenses for delivery and storage, consequently offering Danish design at a very attractive price point.

At NOFU, production never starts until the customer presses ‘Order’. This means that NOFU saves on expenses for storage – as well as unnecessary overproduction. As a result, NOFU offers extremely fair prices, and all products are tailor-made according to the customer’s specific wishes.

NOFU wants to protect the world’s resources. That’s why NOFU furniture is made in accordance with the EU’s REACH regulations. In addition, all NOFU products are made of solid PEFC certified ash wood, guaranteeing sustainable forestry. And all products are free from harmful chemicals. Naturally.

In short, NOFU is environmentally friendly furniture on demand – made to fit your unique vision.