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NOFU740 tray table in black ash

Elegant traytable in solid ash with removable tray

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Product Description
NOFU740 The nice handmade tray table from NOFU works perfectly as side table next to the couch – or even by itself. A clever place to present a vase or put your coffee cup on it. NOFU740 is made of solid ash wood and inspired by traditional Danish design. The table is coated with layers of PU varnish to make cleaning easy and keep it nice. The round tray table NOFU740 come with rounded details on the table legs. The frame on the table is made in an elegant cross that keeps the table stable. The magnets under the table top makes it easy to take on and off. NOFU is Danish design at its finest made from solid ash wood. All products are customizable and unique. Furniture from NOFU is available in a variety of wood stains, and you can choose between textiles in several contemporary hues. The collections are sustainably produced. All wood is PEFC certified and coated in durable, environmentally (and family!) friendly PU varnish. All products are compliant with EU’s REACH program. NOFU’s products are handmade at your request.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Depth 515
Width 515
Height 120
Choose color of Seat No
Seat Width No
Seat Depth No
Seat Height No
Seat Material No
Seat Cover Material No
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